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My Fathers House Ministry

Komla Assiobo & Serena Oke


Togo, West Africa & Quebec, Canada

Komla & Serena are a mixed Togolese-Canadian family. Serena is a passionate Bible teacher with a heart for the French speaking world. She spent many years teaching in the School of Biblical Studies with the University of the Nations. Komla is passionate about community development, and has spent many years working with water projects, drilling wells in villages with no clean water source. Komla and Serena have both spent many years in missions.

In 2015 Serena moved to Togo to work as a Bible teacher. It is there that she met Komla who was working in discipleship, administration and community development. They married in 2017. They have one little daughter who is currently learning three languages: English, French and Ewe. They love that what they have to offer is the two hands of the gospel, bringing the Word, as well as the practical.

In 2022 they founded My Father’s House Ministry in Togo. Jesus said, if you’ve seen me you have seen the Father. When we see Jesus we see him minister to the whole person. He ministered to and met their physical needs as well as their spiritual needs.

Currently they are both doing some Bible teaching. They have a team in Togo that they are working with that is doing children’s ministry.

Their future plans for My father’s House ministry include:
• Living Water Ministry, drilling wells and providing means of clean water sources in villages.
• A literacy centre for adults who never had the chance to go to school, teaching reading, writing and math skills.
• A training program for young women to provide them skills so they can provide for themselves and their families; training them in things like tailoring, cooking, business skills, farming, and photography.
• Bible reading ministry, library and resource centre for people to come and study the Bible for themselves.
• Christian radio station
• They plan to have a place on their land so that those in ministry that need a break can have a place to rest.

Their heart in all they do is that they want people to know HIM... who He is, and who they are in HIM. Their aim in ministry is to be like Jesus and minister to the whole person, so that they may know HIM.

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