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Calm Lake

After twenty eight years of ministry which included a pastorate on the Scottish borders where Barrie met and married Tillie, a nurse, midwife and public health nurse, then service together as missionaries to Vietnam, South Korea and the Philippines, the Flitcrofts felt led to form Equip in 1996.

The vision grew out of the fact that while intercultural studies had rightly taken its place as the primary emphasis in missionary training, there remained a need to address the many areas of human suffering.  To address those needs with practical solutions in 1996 Equip was born and an Appropriate Technology Center established in Marion, North Carolina. 

The opportunity to offer our Missionary Medicine Intensive on Vancouver Island and the subsequent gift of a large facility on the island led to the formation of Equip Canada in 1997.  This lead to the formation of a joint venture agreement between Equip Inc. (Marion NC) and Equipping Christian Workers Society, Equip Canada (Duncan BC) called Equip International. 

Since that time thousands of missionaries from numerous societies have taken advantage of the many practical training courses offered in both the US and Canada and many Equip Canada and Equip Inc missionaries have served in numerous overseas and homeland ministries under the banner of Equip International.

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