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Equip Evangelist

Jonathan Bryden

Videographer / Evangelist

Langley, BC, Canada

Jonathan Bryden works in Vancouver Canada as a documentary filmmaker in the independent film industry. A Christian from a young age, Jonathan also has struggled with reconciling his same-sex attraction with his faith and is currently living a celibate life in pursuit of Jesus. Passionate to share the Gospel through film, Jonathan is producing a documentary series that aims to ask the question, “How does the church in light of the Gospel face homosexuality?”

Watch the first episode of his documentary and consider partnering with him through prayer and financial support to see this project come to light and minister to those in the church who are personally facing this struggle. Will you partner with him as he aims to raise the funds needed to finish this documentary series?

Are you walking with a loved one who is facing same-sex attraction and want to partner with Jonathan in his ministry? Reach out to Jonathan for more details on this project and where it is going.

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