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Kingdom Outreach

Jesse & Steph Singleton

Coffee & Food Service / Evangelists

Calgary, AB, Canada

Jesse and Steph Singleton along with their five children started Kingdom Outreach as a means to offer up a conversation and an opportunity to love people where they are. Kingdom Outreach started in 2016, promoting and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ by serving coffee, food and giving out clothing donations and sharing the opportunity for salvation to the homeless and less fortunate on the streets of Calgary.

Jesse's father, Jim, was a heroin addict for 30 years and was found on the streets of Calgary by four pastors who shared the gospel with him and brought him to a recovery center. Three years later Jim went on to become a pastor, then died tragically in a work place accident. Through Christ this motivated Jesse and Steph to begin an outreach in the very streets where Jim had been found and ministered to.

Jesse and Steph have partnered with local recovery centers to provide an opportunity for people dealing with addiction. Their vision is to eventually have a detox and recovery center and a place of worship, so the people they meet can find refuge in Christ.

They also have a vision to spread their outreach to other cities and countries. Jesse recently visited Nicaragua where he felt that the Lord provided opportunities to serve and lead others to Christ, in way of street ministry and helping local farmers build and grow their coffee farming businesses. Steph also feels there’s a need to start schooling and women’s groups to provide support for women and children on these farms.

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