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Urban Outreach

Gaylene Dempsey


Winnipeg, MB, Canada

A former journalist and music industry executive, Gaylene was radically saved in her 40’s after a neighbour prayed for her salvation for over 12 years.

Since then, she has been dedicated to bringing Jesus and His justice to Winnipeg. Gaylene works as an urban missionary who regularly leads teams into Stony Mountain Institution, Milner Ridge Correctional and Charis Centre - a Christian residential rehab centre for women. She has also founded evangelism outreaches in Winnipeg’s Central Park, Health Sciences Centre and Portage Place.

Often called the “Hood Mom”, she serves the large number of refugees and immigrants in the inner city of Winnipeg who have unique challenges and struggles.

Gaylene stands on Scriptures found in Isaiah 61 and is guided by Joshua 1:3 “I will give you every place where you set your foot” and Revelation 7:9 “That every tribe, tongue, people and nation will stand before the lamb before the throne.”

As passionate as she is about missions, she strongly believes they always must include a strong element of prayer.

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