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Danny & LeeAnn MacKay

Equip Evangelists

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Danny and LeeAnn inspire people to be passionate about Christ and the call to build His kingdom. Taking the gospel to some of the most unreached parts of the world is at the heart of their work. 
As a wild youth, Danny was radically saved when he met Christ at 17. While on the run in a stolen car, he stumbled upon a book that introduced him to the Saviour. Since then, his journey through ministry has included 7 years of camp ministry, 10 years as a worship leader, 3 years as a Youth Pastor, 4 years as a national spokesman for World Vision, and 8 years as a global missionary with I Am Second.
Danny is a sought-after speaker at all kinds of events, making regular appearances on radio and television. He speaks to all ages and inspires them to get involved in building God’s kingdom. 

From an early age, LeeAnn has had a desire for helping the less fortunate.  Over the years, she travelled on missions trips to Eswatini, Africa where she grew life-long relationships and an even deeper sense of calling to teach of God’s love to those the world has seemed to have forgotten.

LeeAnn has also worked locally in Winnipeg as the Program Director for nearly 7 years at a community drop-in and food centre where she supported struggling community members by providing for practical, social, and spiritual needs.

Now having been called to lead Equip Canada, Danny and LeeAnn’s vision is to see believers empowered both locally and globally, to take the gospel where is has not yet been. With a practical and holistic approach, they regularly take teams to engage in disciple-making and church planting in places they are called to serve around the world. From Africa, South America, East Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe – along with other doors that keep opening – they plan on raising up leaders to reach their own. Get in touch and join a team today!

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