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Farming God's Way

Chris & Jane Sperling

Family African Outreach Ministry

Uganda, Africa

The Sperlings are a "mixed up" family with Chris growing up in Canada and Jane growing up in Uganda and the children getting to grow up in both countries! We serve as missionaries in Uganda, East Africa under Equip Canada.

We minister to local farmers who make up about 80% of the Ugandan population. Most Ugandan farmers are very poor and have very low yields which are well under the potential of the local soil and climate conditions. These low yields lead to endemic problems like underfeeding and malnourishment. In addition to this, Uganda is rampant with witchcraft and ancestral worship. These leave most Ugandans living under the bondage and the darkness of Satan to one degree or another. We believe that the freedom found in following Christ and walking in His ways will release these people from curses and allow them to walk in the abundant life that God has for them as Kingdom builders.

We also minister to local prisoners; teaching them of the freedom found in Christ and offering spiritual solutions for their difficulties.

Chris is the lead trainer for the Farming God's Way (FGW) forum in Uganda and oversees Farming God's way training in the country. He also directly trains and disciples several farmer groups in the Busoga region.

Chris is also the Director of Equip Uganda (EU) a local NGO, which is an extension of the Sperling's sending agency Equip International, offering holistic solutions to the poverty and difficulties found in various communities in Uganda. EU concentrates on discipleship and the empowerment of the poor through teaching and training in community care, practical skills and Biblical truth. We uphold the Equip mission of working alongside the local church in ministries to the poor.

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