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Kingdom Lights

Cassie Landon

Evangelist/Leadership Coach

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Kingdom Lights mission is to empower young leaders to ignite their communities for the Gospel and to grow in becoming the Light of the World (more like Jesus). This is a movement of young people who want to take their faith seriously and see the Kingdom of Heaven come to earth in their communities through the Holy Spirit within them. This is through Biblical understanding of identity, authority, discipleship and more. This also entails them growing in their leadership to generate impact in one area to cause a ripple effect to have the Kingdom of Heaven expand. Cassie is passionate about seeing young people walk in the truth of who they are and being a courageous catalyst for change to see their peers and loved ones on fire for Jesus and make His Name known. This will also include bringing young people on short-term Canadian mission trips to serve at different events like tent revivals and stadium events.
Cassie is also passionate about people experiencing Jesus through His presence through worship and experiencing the Father’s heart through evangelism. Because of her passion in this, Cassie also gets to be a team coordinator and travel so other leaders can be equipped to start house churches and teach evangelism tools so others can impact their communities for Jesus. 
Cassie is on a mission for people to experience the love of the Father so they can be healed in every way, especially emotionally so Jesus receives the full reward of his suffering. She also believes in the power of the ripple effect where if one person is impacted, that one person can impact another and so on and so forth. Exactly how Jesus used his followers to change the world. Only Jesus.

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