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Walking Tractor Project

Brian & Ruth Dyck

Business Entrepreneurs & Missionaries

Riverton, MB, Canada

Known as the “Interlake” of Manitoba, Brian and Ruth hail from their farm 5 miles North of Riverton. Having been farmers and business entrepreneurs who are passionate followers of Jesus, mission has always been a way of life.

By God’s grace, they’ve raised five amazing children and will be celebrating 30 years of marriage Dec. 29.2018. Their only daughter was the first to be married adding another amazing young man into the mix. Brian and Ruth have been active through the years in literally every aspect of organized church ministry as well as short and long term missions overseas.

During their time farming in South Sudan, July 2015-April 2016, Brian began exploring the idea of how cost effective entry level farm machinery could be built in Africa, with resources already in Africa. Back in Canada the “Walking Tractor” was born and in 2018 the pair traveled to Uganda to build the first of many walking tractors. The next step was finding an organization that both Ruth and Brian’s visions and heart for service was compatible with.

We are very excited to be a part of the Equip family and look forward to what God want’s to do through this partnership.

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