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Heart of Truth

Ash & Heidi Khalil

Community Evangelists

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Ash, an Egyptian born, American citizen of the U.S.A., married to Heidi, have 5 children, and lived in Oklahoma among the Amish for years. They served the Lord in their home town and surrounding cities reaching out to youth, singles, widows and families on the streets and within church doors. After sometime, they were given a calling by God to go to Canada. By faith, in the winter of December 2018, they packed up their family, and left the U.S.A. and drove and arrived in Winnipeg, Manitoba January 2019. As missionaries, they were received by an inner-city ministry to voluntarily serve the outcast youth and their families. They are reaching out to the homeless and needy men, women and families in the community physically and with the Love and Truth of the Gospel of Jesus. They are also voluntarily ministering to the youth and families of the church they have been attending, and have assisted in refugee outreach.

Even though North American mission work is very challenging, especially financially, they are fully trusting God to provide to meet their ministry needs as they press forward in His work. With God’s strength and grace, they have a desire to make an eternal impact in the lives of these precious children, men, women and families. Your partnership and support is always welcome.

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