Students will learn how to select, use, repair and maintain hand pumps, electric pumps and ram pumps in a hands-on environment. Students will examine, troubleshoot and repair the types of pumps most commonly found in remote villages. A must-have course for anyone living in an area dependent upon water pumps.

This course will provide thorough instruction in:

  • Pumping systems and mechanics

  • Pump selection and safety

  • Water testing and water quality

  • Pump operation and repair

  • Case studies

  • Hands-on installation and repair sessions


  • Understand and operate commonly used hand pumps - India Mark II, Afridev, Bush, Central American Rope pump, Direct actions - Canzee and pitcher suction pump

  • Diagnosis and repair problems found in common pumping systems

  • Water testing and water treatment

  • Community assessment and entry strategies

  • Pumping ground water vs. surface water - options and concerns

  • Integrated mission and colletive worth of WAter, Sanitation, Hygiene education (WASH)

  • Understanding of water development case studies

Missionaries and other church workers who complete this course are better able to meet the need for safe water in the mission field.



Includes course instruction, materials, comfortable housing and tasty meals. Our affordable fees are made possible by professional instructors who volunteer or raise their own support - that's how eager we are to share our expertise!  Full Payment due with registration.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If a participant must cancel their registration due to sickness or schedule conflict, we provide a one-year reschedule option, with no loss of deposit. If Equip cancels a course due to low enrolment, we will inform all registered participants 1-month prior to the course date and deposits will be reimbursed. Participants are encouraged to make travel plans after 1-month course confirmation date. Travel expenses are the sole responsibility of participants.


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