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White Feather



Youth Outdoors Project

Matt & Cheryl Peters

Inner city & adventure ministry

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Matt & Cheryl serve local youth and their families in Manitoba, Canada. Matt's insatiable love for the great outdoors and adventurous experiences keep him busy all year round leading camps, outdoor programs, and enriching experiences for local churches and ministries. Through the Youth Outdoors Project, hundreds of students get outside and engage with God through challenging and rewarding events each year.

Cheryl's heart for women and family ministry drives her to build deep relationships with young women and mentor them through their spiritual walk. She has been a constant for young mothers trying to navigate life and live in times of trouble.

Together, they raise a young family and enjoy each day that the Lord provides. Using their marriage and personal passions to reach their community for the sake of Christ, God has called and enabled them to serve in the way that they do.

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