One of the best strategies for proclaiming the love of Jesus among the poor, CHE is being utilized by hundreds of Christian churches and organizations in over 125-countries around the world! CHE teaches local community leaders how to identify their own needs and how to mobilize the community to use local resources to achieve positive—sustainable—results. Lives and communities are transformed from the inside out as people come to Christ and work together to address local needs. Interactive, practical and life-changing, Equip’s one-week CHE course is an essential tool for sharing the gospel and transforming poor communities. Highly recommended for all short and long-term missionaries!



Includes course instruction, materials, comfortable housing and tasty meals. Our affordable fees are made possible by professional instructors who volunteer or raise their own support - that's how eager we are to share our expertise!

CANCELLATION POLICY: If a participant must cancel their registration due to sickness or schedule conflict, we provide a one-year reschedule option, with no loss of deposit. If Equip cancels a course due to low enrolment, we will inform all registered participants 1-month prior to the course date and deposits will be reimbursed. Participants are encouraged to make travel plans after 1-month course confirmation date. Travel expenses are the sole responsibility of participants.


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